Hello world!

Here is our first book recommendation!

Supernatural, by Richard Smoley

A collection of essays based around the mood of hope that was around as people thought the new millennium would usher in a massive awakening of society, which over and over began to be predicted and then was seen to be lacking.

The first chapter is about a meeting with a ‘Master’ called Glyn. The meeting takes place in a kitchen :), which is described as being “both remarkably dingy and remarkably magical”. I write this as some people reading here may recognise that description!

I personally think the awakening did take place, but hardly anybody noticed it!
I think to take advantage of this exceptional opportunity, people must take into account that the general rules still apply: personally, a bit of work being necessary to see a result, unpleasant things still happen to one, and bad behaviour still reaps bad results.


One thought on “Hello world!

  1. Kevin Huntley

    This a very interesting book in that in it covers quite a wide variety of material and succinctly gets to the root of the matter. The section on the course on miracles is very revealing because clearly Smoley has used the material himself and found it beneficial, although it is clear that it may be found contentious by some christians, I can imagine many people finding this book a very interesting and commonsense approach to the supernatural. I also recognise the description of the Master’s kitchen. It would have been a very interesting meeting for both of them.


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